What the locals say about us…

Well, we just learned A LOT tonight about our septic system – the hard way! Been having it pumped every 2 years by a local business, but found out tonight that only part of our system was being tended to. Less than a year and a half from the last pumping we ended up full. That shouldn’t have happened. Calls to our regular pumping service around dinnertime went unanswered and unreturned. We were so happy, though, to have the owner of Macamaux Septic Pumping in Wyoming, RI/Ashaway answer the phone and arrive at our home 45 minutes later. He discovered that the outlet filter had never been cleaned and was blocked, thereby causing a lot of our problem. That part of the system had never been opened by the previous company for pumping, and we weren’t even told about the filter. Thankfully all is well again and we’ve learned a lot. The tanks were thoroughly cleaned, top to bottom. And Gil was extremely fair in his pricing – extremely. We highly recommend Macamaux next time you need pumped – I promise you will be impressed and your septic will be thoroughly cleaned, not just pumped down partially, and he will clean your filter at no cost at that time. ~ Robin Kerlin.

Gil was punctual, knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant to deal with, not mention the very reasonable price for such good service. ~The O’Neill’s

I recently called to have my septic tank cleaned. My call was returned on a timely basis. Gil showed up when he said he would. The tank was cleaned. He did some digging and had to install an access well tile. I paid the price as quoted. There was no drama. Excellent service! I would recommend this company over other companies I have used. ~Peter Garreffi

I recently placed my house on the market and learned that I should have been pumping my septic system many years ago but hadn’t.  Fearing my septic system would now not pass inspection I called Macamaux for help. They were not only upfront and honest with their information but they were also more than willing to give me advise and guide me through the inspection process.  Thankfully, my septic system passed inspection without issue and when I called to have it pumped Macamaux was there within a day to take care of it.  I highly recommend Macamaux not only for their great pricing but also for their exceptional customer service! They are a fantactic local business that truly cares about their customers!  ~Jenn, Hope Valley

Hi Gil, I would like to thank u for your recent service. And to tell anyone out there that u and your son did the job the best. And as a business owner myself, I was very impressed and happy with the whole experience. I found out I had a separate tank that others never told me about. They only pumped 1 part and never dug up a second tank I did not know about. he was the only one that dug up other side of tank where solids were. possibly saved me thousands! I have been here 10 yrs and got pumped twice and was there to watch and they lifted 1 lid and told me I had a cesspool,never pumping right and charging me more than Gil did! U guys went the extra and I will refer u to anyone. Thank you again. ~Al, Safari Cable

I know some of you have to have mandatory septic inspections and or pumping. we had ours done recently and for the first time in a long time I called around. this company was the cheapest, came exactly when they said they were coming (the owner) and were very very nice and efficient. I would recommend them strongly and would ask that you pass this along to anyone local that you know. They are relatively new in business. They have a web site at macamauxsepticpumping.com. They send the report directly to the town. our pumping and the report cost $235 all together. ~Julie, Charlestown, RI

Recently divorced mom with no idea of how long it’s been since septic tank was last pumped. I went online and discovered Macamaux Septic. I called them first because of a great review they received by a customer. They answered all of my questions, and 1 day later, came to pump the septic for me. Fast, efficient, friendly, and VERY reasonable! I will definitely be recommending them to family and friends. THANK YOU! ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER IN HOPE VALLEY! ~Allison

Who says an Adams can’t shit Gold..and Diamonds? Septic guy got a rock caught in the line. When he uncoupled and relieved pressure at the pump this diamond engagement ring fell to the pavement… We have no idea who or how long this has been here. Not sure anyone is aware at the PSI of suction on these trucks but this is virtually impossible. If the rock wasn’t hung up this ring would not have fallen out at uncoupling! Cousin Eddie would be proud! Huge shout out to Macamaux Septic Service for a thorough cleaning wall to base of the box. Previous services never did this good of a cleaning. Highly recommend Macamaux Septic! ~Chris, Westerly RI

“Who knew that getting your septic system serviced would be such a pleasant experience! I have to admit that this is our first house with a septic system and we were not aware of the maintenance that should be done every few years to keep the system in good working order. When we first saw the ad on a place mat for Macamaux stating “We take your crap for less” we decided it might be time to get our system pumped. I did some calling around the next few days and discovered that he was truly the lowest price around. It is said that you usually get what you pay for but I can tell you that Gil did a very thorough job and explained everything to me during the entire process. Very refreshing and rare to have best price and best service all rolled into one! Thank you Macamaux, I will pass your information along to any others in our area who may need service. Thank you. ~Bob